My skills as the minister of music have improved. It is so very noticeable by everyone. Thanks so much.

Pianoclubhouse has helped me alot my gift has really be stirred up!

This is a easy to follow program (tutorial) which makes me want to keep coming back to learn more songs, but the BIGGEST benefit to learning more songs is that NOW I can “roll” from one song to another in that same key!

I have been a member of many services like yours. They provide a lot of material on music and teach songs but they like to show off but not tell the why and how. You are not like that. I canceled my account with them to join PCH.

I could never find the right techniques that I wanted to use in forming a better sound in my music. I thank God for sending you. Its just what I needed not only to play for the lord. I now have a children choir and I am so excited to learn new skills.

PCH has personally changed by musical life. I have a piano practice schedule for each week and I use PCH tutorials to practice songs on my “song night”. As a intermediate musician, PCH tutorials are best for getting to full mastery of the piano.

Thank you for your dedication to your craft to make beginners such as myself better.

PianoClubhouse has enabled me and restored any musical voids I had as well as help me become the blessed piano player the Lord has set me to become. Thank You PianoClubhouse!!!

God and you are the reasons I keep playing for the chuch, I have finally found my reason of being. I have never been so happy in my life and it started with your website. Thanks, God Bless You, and I have nothing but love for you my brother.

You are an awesome instructor and very easy to follow along with would love to see u make instructional dvd.