I’m old school. I still play the old gospel way. Since using PCH, I have learned 4 of the newer songs and can pick out chords for others on my own.It’s been a lot of work,but worth the effort. Thank you PCH. This service is very much appreciated & needed.

PCH has been a blessing in my life. It has taught me so much in so little time. Being a young girl that once played when I was 5 and all of a sudden lost interest in playing, has now found the joy in playing again now at the young age of 22. Thanks TJ :-)

Well, I was just playing real easy songs that plenty of people could make up chords to, then I watched one of PianoClubhouse videos (it was “No weapon”) and people were shocked that I learned it and that’s a good feeling.

It is a blessing to know you have people out there that care about people and to share their gift to show and teach people how to play I am a beginner and my playing went to the next level with using this website keep on blessing people GOD BLESS!!!!!

Well i must say this is the lost link in my playing that i have been looking for.

Well didnt know really how to play gospel and R&B songs till I heard about Pianoclubhouse and its been a help every since. Thank You JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been playing piano for years and I took lessons years ago. The problem is that I read music and not every song you hear has sheetmusic. I saw a tutorial on YouTube and visited the site and I have loved it since then. Keep up the good work!

I knew how to play the piano like basic chords but, ever sinse I found your website I can now play the pretty cords that I have always wanted to play. Thank you much for sharing the Gift.

You are doing a great job teaching students to play skillfully like David teaches in the bible. Give us the power that GOD has given you. There are hurting people in the land. LET GOD USE YOU. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Makes me want to play every minute of the day!!!!!