Word Of Wisdom: DIVERSIFY

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Ok, so last Friday I was having lunch with and working on a project/business venture with one of the living legends of gospel music, Fred Hammond. At first glance, knowing Fred’s background, i’m sure you would think this is a music project, or something to do with the gospel industry, or maybe a new group or band. While the project itself is in the music industry, it is definitely out of the scope of what you would normally think Fred would be lending his time and resources to.

Walking out of that meeting, I saw a teachable “moment” that I wanted to pass on to you in today’s blog, that I think can apply to not only you and your music, but into all areas of your life!

The one word I would reflect to you from that meeting is DIVERSIFY. Its a word that is used in many walks of life, more so in the financial world, when referring to how one distributes their investment monies. The ideology is that the more diverse your portfolio is, the more safe and stable your investment strategy is.

So, back to this “moment”…it was interesting that someone who, for their whole career, has been most known for singing gospel music, would be interested in doing something that isn’t centered in that genre….and my challenge to you is to take Fred’s lead and NOT be stuck in just doing one thing! Get out of your comfort zone a little:

  • Don’t just learn gospel songs. Branch out and learn some R&B, rock, or some jazz, or learn some theory.
  • Don’t just play in the key of C, F, and G. Invest the time to learn new keys.
  • Don’t just learn the piano…try your hand at another instrument (organ, drums, guitar, bass, etc.)

There are many more examples, but I think you see what I’m getting at…DIVERSIFY!!!

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