My Simple Cure To Stage Fright

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It was finally time. I was excited, but scared to death. My palms were sweating. My heart was pounding. I even felt sick.

I noticed a red fire alarm on the wall. For a second, I thought about pulling it… that way I didn’t have to do what was coming next:

It was my first day playing piano at church.

And I was nervous!

I really struggled with stage fright in the beginning of my career.

And after teaching hundreds to play their best piano, I’ve found it one of the biggest problems for my students, too.

At its worst, stage fright can ruin otherwise promising careers.

Because it gets in the way of the music.

Thankfully, I was able to learn a secret which has virtually erased all my stage fright.

Sure, I still get nervous sometimes. Especially if it’s a particularly big show.

But when I get up to the piano, I focus and relax. Most importantly, I’m able to play my heart out and give everything I have in the performance. Which is what I always dreamed of doing.

Would you like to know the secret I discovered? Here it is:

If you practice like most teachers recommend, you learn songs just fine. But you don’t engrain them deep enough. As a result, when the stage fright comes, you “forget” what you learned… making you even more nervous.

The new way of practicing I developed actually helped me learn songs faster… and… gave me confidence when playing them in front of others.

It’s the method I use when teaching students on PianoClubHouse…

And it’s the same method I’ve instructed our 10 expert teachers to use in their videos, too (with their own twist).

The end result is when you learn a song on PianoClubHouse, you go beyond “learning the notes”. You wire the song into your hands, mind and heart.

Even if you do feel nervous before playing, or while playing, you can focus and relax. You trust your practice. You have fun. And you find yourself playing with a beautiful tone. (More on that in future emails.)

This is extra important for my students who get paid to play.
Because the less stage fright they feel, the better they play. The more the audience is moved. And the more gigs and opportunities they find themselves with. Also, the more money they earn doing what they love.

Once you practice the PianoClubHouse way, you’ll move closer to where you really want to be with your music. You’ll learn faster… easier… and play with more confidence than ever before.

If you’re serious about playing the piano well… and getting paid for it… try PianoClubhouse today!

See you around.

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