I’m Too Old To Learn Piano

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I’ve taught thousands of people how to play the piano.

Some want to learn their favorite songs. Others want to make piano their career. Yet what I want my students to learn is this:

Piano… music… gives you purpose.

I can’t count the number of times my piano playing has moved people to tears. And I’ve seen piano lift people out of lifelong depressions. Giving them a real sense of joy for the first time in decades.

Which is why it’s so frustrating to me how many people think that piano is “not for them”.

They think that music is something for other people. Talented people.

And, one of the biggest excuses I hear is… “I’m too old.”

People have this idea that learning piano… learning music… is something you do when you’re a kid.

I get it. We always hear about these child geniuses like Mozart. Society worships them. So we think that if we want to be good at something, we gotta start young.

I’m here to tell you… that is flat out BS.

I’ve had students from all walks of life, and all ages. Did you know that 5% of PianoClubHouse visitors are 65+ years old?

Piano is for everyone.

It’s true if you’re young and limber, you can probably play a little faster than someone who is older.

But here’s the thing: if you really want to play fast… like really fast… that’s going to take decades of hard work. No matter how young you start. Most people just want to play their favorite songs. And that I can teach you in a day or two.

Another point I’ll make is, if you ask any professional pianist, they’ll tell you that playing slow is just as fun as playing fast. Seriously. A blind, half-deaf 98 year old can easily feel love, joy and passion from playing a melody… however simple… on the piano.

You can too.

That’s why I really hope you give PianoClubHouse a chance and learn to play. I know it can seem daunting to learn piano. That’s why I made sure every instructor makes learning as simple and easy as possible. Frankly, you’ll be shocked at how fast you learn your favorite songs with our videos. (And so will everyone you play them for.)

Believe in your dream of playing the piano.

Because it’s easier than you think.

Spend just a little time watching a PianoClubHouse video today. See how quickly it comes to you and how good you sound right away.

This is a simple start. But who knows – this could be the beginning of a new career for you. No matter what, I promise you this: playing the piano will inject passion and joy into your life right away.

In this day and age, most of us could use that. So don’t wait try PianoClubHouse and learn your favorite songs… fast.

See you next time.

Tj Hanes
Founder, PianoClubHouse.com

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