How To Play Piano Beautifully

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Do you know who Shaun Martin is?
He’s a multi-grammy award winning pianist. His resume reads like a “who’s who” of the world’s most talented music groups. Snarky Puppy. Chaka Khan. The Weeknd. Just to name a few.

He’s also one of our teachers at PianoClubHouse.

Anyone who has heard Shaun Martin play knows why he’s in such high demand. His music is pure poetry. Every single note has a purpose. The sounds he pulls from the piano are unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

Look: this is what the world craves from us musicians. People want to hear something they haven’t heard before.

This is also the area where I see pianists struggle the most.

Because it’s a vague. “Play beautifully.” There aren’t any exercises that teach you how to do that. This is why there are so many pianists out there with great technique, but they can’t get gigs. They don’t have a beautiful tone. They don’t stand out.

You know that we’re different here at PianoClubHouse.

We’re committed to helping you learn what matters most in music.

If you can develop a beautiful tone… and you can with the right instruction… it won’t matter if you play fast or slow. You will be a rare gem in the entertainment world. Believe me!

And there is no one on the planet more qualified to teach tone than Shaun Martin.

You can watch all of Shaun’s lessons, as well as thousands more, with a PianoClubHouse membership.

PianoClubHouse will unlock a new character in your playing. That sound is YOU. And the world is begging to hear it.

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